Looking for posts on how to raise contemplative kids? Here you’ll find links to all my posts on homeschooling and parenting. We are raising four rambunctious boys to be saintly contemplatives. Yes, it is possible! Please see the page on my book series A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Children for a free temperament test and more resources.


Bible-based homeschool units

Creation unit
Jacob and Esau unit
Learning typology with Daniel in the Lions’ Den
Teaching typology with Joseph & his brothers

Homeschool units on the papacy

The papal conclave for kids
Meet Pope Francis (for kids and their parents)

More lessons from the Bible

Finding patterns in the Bible
Bible verses for you and your kids to memorize
Make your Bible study memorable with Legos

Prayer & spiritual growth for kids

YOU are your child’s model of prayer
Teach your children mental prayer

Mental prayer for adolescents
Sing the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary with children
Create a guided meditation for kids
Meditation for kids: the thankful leper
Teach your kids the one thing necessary
Meditation for kids: Manna in the wilderness
Meditation for kids: Jesus our healer
The powerful Sign of the Cross

Temperament studies

Becoming your child’s spiritual director
Motivating your phlegmatic child (and yourself)
Helping your choleric child grow in holiness

The contemplative homeschool

The faith-based homeschool
Teach your kids something useless
Educate your kids for divine union
A fresh start to religious education at home
Narrations and Christian prayer
Homeschooling and Original Sin
Using a homily format for homeschool
3 resolutions for a more contemplative school year
Domestic monastery: living by the bell
Should school focus on work or leisure?
Holiness & education both begin with openness
Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and learning styles

Catholic parenting

Spiritual support for Catholic dads
Why I don’t let my boys be crude
10 ways dads can help their children grow in holiness
Humility: the most important virtue for parents
4 tips for getting kids to do chores
5 reasons not to give your child an iPad
God and parenting woes
10 ways to keep your kids Catholic
Raising boys to be men–not beasts

Finding God in children’s literature

Peter Rabbit & the fall of man
Benjamin Bunny & the narrow gate

Yertle in Babylon
Happy Epiphany from author Jean Craighead George

Frodo, Abraham, and you

Homeschool methods

Should we “push” our children to learn?
Is fear or love the better motivator?

Seasonal posts

Advent activities for your family
Educational games for your Christmas list
Hectic Advent? Change your school calendar
Family and homeschool activities for Lent
Fortnight for Freedom activities for the whole family

Books and resources

Books to teach boys virtue
Golden Children’s Bible
4 favorite books for your youngest child

New discoveries from the homeschool conference
Educational games for your Christmas list
Math can be poetic
Pro-life fiction for every age group
Memorize the Faith with your child

Miscellaneous homeschool posts

Report from the homeschool conference
Homeschooling with the Carmelite Saints on Radio Maria
Homeschool parents, you can change the world!
The power of stories
Tangrams: combining math and art
Vatican teaching on Catholic schools