Vatican teaching on Catholic schools–quotes to ponder

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Archbishop J. Michael Miller identified 5 marks of a Catholic school. How does your school–at home or otherwise–measure up? All the quotes are from The Holy See’s Teaching on Catholic Schools.

1. Inspired by a supernatural vision

“The Church sees education as a process that, in light of man’s transcendent destiny, forms the whole child and seeks to fix his or her eyes on heaven… thus fulfilling their destiny to become saints.” (Quoting The Catholic School, 29)

2. Founded on Christian anthropology

“Christ is not an afterthought or an add-on to Catholic educational philosophy; He is the center and the fulcrum of the entire enterprise.”

3. Animated by communion and community

Schools should “suffuse their environment with a delight in the sacramental.”

4. Imbued with a Catholic worldview throughout its curriculum

Each teacher should strive “‘to form strong and responsible individuals, who are capable of making free and correct choices,’ thus preparing young people ‘to open themselves more and more to reality.'” (Quoting The Catholic School, 31)

5. Sustained by gospel witness

“Children will pick up far more by the example of their educators than by masterful pedagogical techniques, especially in the practice of Christian virtues.”

Connie Rossini

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