Good books for older boys

Worthwhile reading for boys age ten and up is hard to find. In the past, I made a list of books for boys. We’ve been happy to discover some great new books in the last two years, some of which are now among our favorites. These books teach your boys virtue and manliness, while being …

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How phlegmatics can be saints

Below is an excerpt from chapter 4 of my newest book A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Phlegmatic Child. Read how Queen Esther serves as a biblical model, portraying the strengths and weaknesses of the phlegmatic temperament. Temperament studies are not just for kids! Phlegmatic women tend to be supporters of leaders of other temperaments. …

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Helping children learn patience

Patience is one of the virtues that we all struggle with. How many times have I been frustrated over my–or others’!–slow spiritual growth? St. Teresa of Avila said that perseverance is essential to growth in prayer. And perseverance means we have to be patient. How can we teach our children to be patient? We can …

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