10 digital copies of my book available for reviewers

It’s time for our next giveaway! I am going to give a PDF version of Trusting God with St. Therese to ten subscribers who agree to review it online.

Here are a few other details:

  • 7 copies will go to readers in the continental U.S.
  • 3 copies are reserved for readers living elsewhere.
  • I will be awarding them on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Email me at crossini at comcast dot net if you’d like to try for a copy.
  • Tell me where you plan to review the book: blog, Amazon, Goodreads, etc.
  • Readers who have won a contest in the last 6 months will have to skip this one. (Sorry, Bice.)
  • My immediate family members are disqualified. (If you’re really nice, I might give you a print copy later.)

If you are not currently a subscriber, what are you waiting for? Sign up now to make sure you are included in all future contests and giveaways.

The pre-sale date is only 15 days away! I’m making plans for more giveaways–for non-subscribers as well. There will be bonuses for people who purchase early, contests to test your creativity, and random drawings on my blog and elsewhere.

Here’s an early endorsement of my book:

“In the Bible, God urges us to trust Him will all of our heart. Unfortunately, many of us fail to do this on a regular basis. In Trusting God with St. Therese, Connie Rossini not only helps us to understand the importance of trusting in God’s providence, but gives us simple steps (based on the teaching of St. Therese) to help us achieve that goal. As someone who has struggled with this issue for most of my life, I highly encourage you to read this book. It will change your life!”

–Gary Zimak,
Catholic Evangelist and author of From Fear To Faith, A Worrier’s Guide To The Bible, and Listen To Your Blessed Mother


Are you excited yet?

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  1. flora thompson

    I hope I’m not too late for the St.Therese giveaway., I’m a new subscriber to your blog. Thank you in advance., Blessings,Flora

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