Growing in detachment for Lent

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Lenten Cloth in the Museum Gherdeina (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons).


Lent is the perfect time for growing in detachment. Since I am focusing on detachment all this year, Lent provides the opportunity to take a further step.

Since January 1, I have been practicing lifting my thoughts to God as soon as I experience any pleasure. You can read more about that here. I can’t say I do this automatically all the time yet. I’ll have to keep working on it.

But I have found that for food especially my attitude is changing. I have gotten so used to praising God when I taste something delightful, that I automatically start praising God every time I think about food, even outside mealtime. It’s truly becoming a stepping stone towards Him.

I’ve been pondering what I should tackle next. I finally decided to work on detachment from the opposite angle. During Lent, when I encounter something unpleasant, I’m going to resist the temptation to complain. I will try to thank and praise God instead. If nothing else, I can thank Him for an opportunity to grow in detachment.

So, by Easter, God willing, I will be thanking and praising God when I like what I’m encountering and when I don’t like what I’m encountering. Then maybe I’ll find a way to do this in the neutral times.

Helping kids love God during Lent

One of my readers asked me for ideas to help kids go beyond giving up sweets for Lent. I’ve decided to add a bit about that here.

When my boys were younger, we brainstormed together forty things we could do in Lent to show others our love. They were very simple, such as:

  • Greet Dad at the door and say, “I love you.”
  • Give Mom a hug.
  • Do my chores without complaining.
  • Come on the first time Mom calls me.
  • Pray for Grandpa and Grandma.

We put all forty items in a hat and drew one out each day.

This year, each of my older three is giving something up, but I am also asking them to do something loving for God or others each day. D (age 11) is going to say a decade of the Rosary on his own. C (7) is going to read a book or doing something else for J (3) daily. M (10) is still deciding.

We are also studying about Jesus’ journey towards Jerusalem, His Passion, Death, and Resurrection as part of our usual Bible-based unit studies. For something simpler, you could choose a story book a week about the life of Christ.

Lent is a perfect time for reviewing catechesis on the Sacrament of Reconciliation as well.

I hope to share more ideas with you as Lent progresses.

Connie Rossini

Share with us: How are you going to grow closer to Christ this Lent? How are you helping your kids do likewise?


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