Have you failed at your Lenten resolutions yet?

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Oh, we have such high expectations for ourselves for Lent! Then they come tumbling down so quickly. Lent is only three days old, and I’ve already forgotten to avoid complaining several times. Are you fairing as badly?

Take heart!

If you weren’t following me last year, you probably haven’t read this post on not giving up when you fail.  I wrote it during last Lent.  I was working on trust then. This post, along with a few others,  led me to begin writing Trusting God with St. Therese. I rewrote it as a section of the book.

God does not want us to despair, no matter how often we fail. Our righteousness comes from Him, not from our strength. Trust Him with your Lent, whether you are finding it difficult or easy to be faithful.

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  1. Michelle

    What comes after several? Haha. Yes, I am failing and I’m not sure if it is because I said I wouldn’t or maybe I just didn’t notice how much I was complaining in the first place. Well, thanks for the encouragement because I am not giving up!

  2. Valerie Kreilick

    Connie, I happened upon your blog today and I absolutely love love love it! I am fairly new to the blogosphere with my own blog.

    We hod many things in common. First of all the love of St. Terese, she is my confirmation saint, and the love for the Carmelite order. Since age nine I thought I was going to be a carmelite nun working with orphans. Now that I am pushing 50 in a couple of years, I can settle being a third order carmelite. I love Carmelite order, and saints.

    The reason I am writing to you is that I am always looking for guest bloggers for my blog:

    I would love it if you would be willing to do a guest spot on there some day. Also, I love this one on our Lenten committments.

    Thank you for your awesome blog and free download!

    God Bless you! Sincerely,

    Valerie Joy Terese Kreilick

    • Connie Rossini

      Thanks, Valerie and welcome! I just sent out a request to other bloggers about guest blogging, so i will check out your site. I see you added me on Google+. Please consider joining my email list as well, as subsribers get special deals and giveaways. I am sending out a copy of Letters of St. Therese to one reader this week.

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