Reopening Detachment Course

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of you are confined to your homes much of the time and are looking for good content to read or view. I’ve decided to help you with both by re-opening my course Nothing Shall I Want: Peace Through Detachment. Class starts June 1, 2020. You must register by midnight …

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Video Course for Lent

A few years ago, I asked subscribers if they’d be interested in a digital retreat. At that time, interest did not seem to warrant the work involved. However, now that my Facebook group Authentic Contemplative Prayer has over 13,000 members, I decided the time was right. Instead of a retreat, I chose to create a …

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No lasting city

  “For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city which is to come” (Heb 13:14). Some of my readers must be wondering where I have gone. I’ll tell you: to Omaha. Let me explain… Just before Lent, my husband lost his job and we were left without an income (except a …

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Are you at home in the world?

Last Fall we helped my parents move from their home of 39 years to a senior co-operative. As is usual for people preparing to move, they spent some time fixing up their home before putting it on the market. They repainted every room, installed hardwood floors, and bought new curtains and light fixtures. My mom …

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Detachment and the will of God

I’d like to return to pondering the spirituality of St. John of the Cross, looking at the themes found in The Ascent of Mt. Carmel and Dark Night of the Soul. Let’s begin considering detachment. What does John mean by detachment? I see two common errors concerning detachment. The first views detachment as nearly impossible …

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