Recollection in prayer

Today I want to address several things in this post, including answering a reader’s question about the meaning of recollection. I also have a housekeeping issue, want to share a few past posts about Advent for those of you with children at home, and tell you about the first ever sale on the paperback version …

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Steps in spiritual change

Before we go on into Teresa’s second mansions, I want to talk about the pattern of change I have noticed in my life. If we want to move on to the next stage of the spiritual life, how can we accomplish this? A vague awareness of the need for change The first real conversion in …

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St. Teresa’s first mansions

Okay, you’ve all poured over the chart of the seven mansions from Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle that I posted last week and now you’re ready to study each in depth, right? Let’s dig right in. Many people, unfortunately, live completely outside the castle of their souls. These include the unbaptized, atheists and agnostics, and …

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God’s fatherhood and you

  One of the themes that struck me as I researched and wrote about the life of St. Therese was the fatherhood of God. Jesus taught His disciples to address God as “Father.” He revealed the mystery of the Holy Trinity. What does that mean for our spirituality? As you know from past posts, St. …

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