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Becoming a contemplative family

Last month I wrote a call for contemplative families. Now it’s time to begin discussing what that means. Here are a number of my past posts on praying with children, in case you have missed them: YOU are your child’s model of prayer Teach your children mental prayer Mental prayer for adolescents Sing the Joyful …

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Helping children learn patience

Patience is one of the virtues that we all struggle with. How many times have I been frustrated over my–or others’!–slow spiritual growth? St. Teresa of Avila said that perseverance is essential to growth in prayer. And perseverance means we have to be patient. How can we teach our children to be patient? We can …

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Welcome (back) to my blog

  I have several issues to address quickly today. First, if you have been missing my posts for the last two months, I’m so sorry! In late March I sent out a survey so that I could segment my subscriber list. This means that I am trying to notify people about my posts according to …

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