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You may be wondering whatever happened to the videos I was hoping to produce this year. Here’s a quick update on that project, as well as a status report on my book.

My husband Dan also has a video project in mind. He wants to create professional quality videos from the start. That means acquiring a dedicated computer for video production and storage. Dan worked with computers before going off to study philosophy in graduate school (guess which one pays better?). He decided to build a computer for himself to get exactly what he wanted. That part of the project is now finished.

The next step is building a new computer for me, since mine is getting outdated. A weekend should suffice for that. Then we’ll need to rearrange our office and set up our studio. After that, I hope to work on my first project, a video version of Five Lessons from the Carmelite Saints That Will Change Your Life.

I don’t want to post a timeline on this, since it depends on Dan’s work schedule and other home projects. But some time this year I should have at least the one video to share. I hope to have more.

Status of my book on St. Therese

Trusting God with St. Therese is in the hands of four fellow writers from Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network. These “beta readers” are reviewing the manuscript and offering their opinions. I’ve asked them to get back to me by mid-April.

After I read their critiques and implement the changes I agree with, Dan will take over as my editor. He has spent more years being a professional editor than he has being a father. After a final round of proofreading, I’ll release a limited number of review copies to popular Catholic bloggers and some of my email subscribers.

My pre-release on Amazon is set for July 16. Before then, I hope to offer all subscribers a free chapter to read. I am also planning a giveaway open to everyone. There will be a whirlwind of other fun activities throughout the summer to celebrate my book launch and publicize the book. I hope you’ll join me for as many as you can.

Please keep praying for the success of these projects. I can’t reach my goals without God’s grace. If you have prayer requests in exchange, you can add them to the comments below or email me privately at crossini4774 at comcast dot net. I pray for the needs of my readers and social media contacts daily.

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