Are you crowding out God’s voice?

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Lent is a good time to clear the clutter out of our spiritual lives so we can focus on Christ. We are in the desert like Jesus, like Israel in the Old Testament. The desert is barren, yet full of spiritual fruit.

Elijah the prophet is the father of all Carmelites. He made his home on Mt. Carmel in Israel. Elijah teaches us that God speaks in a whisper. To hear Him, we must be silent.

What can you remove from your life today to make more room for God? What is demanding your time when you need to spend it with Him? What distracts you during prayer? What do you fear giving up?

God calls us to go beyond giving up eating sweets. That’s a start, but it doesn’t go very far. God wants us to be like St. peter, who said, “We have left everything to follow you.” When we give God our all, He gives us His all. And guess which one is greater?

Connie Rossini

Share with us: What do you most fear God will ask of you? Why?

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