This Christmas seems strangely familiar…


D, M, C, and J slide together at the park.
D, M, C, and J slide together at the park in September 2013.


Dear Family and Friends,

Did our Christmas photo give you a déjà-vu? Then you know the theme for this year’s letter! Five years ago we took a slide photo of the three boys and licensed it as micro stock. It continues to pop up in unexpected places. This year, my brother Matt saw it in an electronic photo frame at Target. A friend told me it’s used in a Catholic Heritage Curriculum science text.

Our first event after my last letter was Christmas at Grandma Rossini’s. After four years of gathering elsewhere, we’re back in Eagan for Christmas, at least for now. There’s no party like it. The 28 grandkids take up all the seats—let alone the air waves.

Dan returned to LaCrosse in April for a friend’s wedding. Maybe next year we’ll be able to visit as a family. J (2) has never been to Wisconsin, but M (9) and C (7) were born there.

We did go back to the Grotto of the Redemption in Iowa together. Last time we were there, I was expecting C. The boys fed the swans and bought souvenir rocks, besides the obligatory rock candy.

D (11) and M have now had piano lessons for as long as I did as a kid—one year. We bought an electronic piano. Sometimes Dan will relax long enough to play The Entertainer or other songs from his youth. The piano will mimic nearly every instrument and serenade us at dinner, but my favorite feature is the volume control!

This summer we cleaned out our store room and moved boxes to the attic Dan finished. For the second time, we gave away baby clothes and equipment. We love the extra room, but are sad that era of our lives is—probably!—over.

Meanwhile, I’m back to writing more than I have in years. I blog twice a week. My short ebook, Five Lessons from the Carmelite Saints That Will Change Your Life, reached #4 in Catholic books on Amazon. You can get it free from my blog. I am now working on a full-length book called Trusting God with St. Therese. It’s part memoir, so I’ve been reflecting a lot on my past.

D, M, and C in their "famous" photo from 2008.
D, M, and C in their “famous” photo from 2008.

I’ m also doing public speaking again, but this time on spirituality, rather than apologetics.

J’s favorite movie is Davy Crockett. Yes, the one you loved in childhood, with Fess Parker. He runs around in a coonskin cap and a faux buckskin vest one of my brothers used to wear. (No, you can’t have it back, Joe.) Underneath his cap he has reddish hair. Now M blends in more with the rest of the family.

C made his first Confession in November. Just like his brothers were, he’s eager to go again. First Communion will be here before we know it.

One way or another, these kids will keep us on the road to Heaven. When we get there, I hope we have a déjà-vu. I hope we feel right at home. Save us a seat if you arrive first!

Christmas blessings to you and yours!

Connie Rossini, with love from Dan and the boys

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