Nothing Shall I Want: Peace through Detachment

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Do you long to be free from sin and bad habits? Are you confused about the meaning of Christian detachment? Have you started on the road, but don’t know what to do next? Join Connie Rossini in exploring the teaching of St. John of the Cross in the video course Nothing Shall I Want: Peace Through Detachment.

23 reviews for Nothing Shall I Want: Peace through Detachment

  1. Twinkle (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I needed right now in my spiritual journey (in the active purgation), simplified and practical steps to detachment in order to desire God alone. This is the secret to eternal happiness and freedom from sin and through this course, Connie has been very helpful in showing us how attainable and enjoyable this journey can be. Thanks heaps Connie and to my generous sponsor. God bless from Manila 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Alexandra (verified owner)

    Nothing shall I want; Peace through Detachment was amazing!! It has helped me go deeper into my spiritual life to detach from the things of the world and go deeper into God’s Presence. Connie is an amazing teacher explaining everything with simplicity. Thank you so much Connie! You are a blessing to all of us.

  3. Diane Anderson (verified owner)

    Noting shall I want; Peace through Detachment is a class for all levels. My level would be more of a beginner and it opened my eyes to things in my life I had not recognized before. Connie’s simple, yet deep, loving way of teaching, and resources, left us with many tools to travel with on our journey. Thank you Connie.

  4. Joan Craft (verified owner)

    Taking this course was a positive experience. It helped to have the introductory lesson explaining how the course would unfold. The lessons were to the point with examples, resources and questions for reflection. They were posted at a pace that met my needs as I am employed and have family responsibilities. Most valuable to me was the content some of which was new. After reflection, I learned that there are things just as dangerous to my relationship to Christ and others to be attached to, as to be attached to material things. The last lesson was a great send-off and ongoing assignment. So grateful to have found this. So glad i signed up during this Lenten season. Thank you.

  5. Colleen DeLuca (verified owner)

    Nothing shall I want: Peace through detachment is an outstanding course for all persons no matter what level of Spirituality you are at. The course class videos were short but complete with resources for further readings, discussion questions and even a few quizzes. It challenged me to be honest with myself and what I am attached to and educated me on how to detach myself according to God’s will. I am very glad I took this class especially during Lent. I anxiously talk about this class and recommend it to others. Connie is an amazing presenter and very knowledgeable. Her ability to instruct the lay person as well as the religious is what made this class so appealing. I am hoping that Connie will consider doing other courses in the near future.

  6. Sherry Minter (verified owner)

    How blessed was I to be already in this course when the bottom dropped out with the pandemic. This course is so well taught by Connie — I see now that the proper understanding of detachment is vital to growing in grace and the knowledge of Christ. The intro to St. John of the Cross is sublime!! Lent of 2020 was the most memorable of my life, and this course was a great aid to me and will continue to be. Thank you so much, Connie!

  7. Christina Pflugfelder (verified owner)

    This course is thorough and very well organized, employing good teaching strategy. The videos are succinct, not too long, to lose my attention, yet with enough meat to advance in understanding. Connie must have a exceptional grasp of this topic to be able to draw from resources as she did and offer insightful steps for her students.

  8. Becky Malmquist (verified owner)

    Connie’s course explains detachment in a way that is easy to follow. The lessons are clear and practical, and include great resources for further study. I left the course feeling less intimidated about the detachment taught by the saints, and feeling confident that I could do the steps to detachment that Connie recommends in the final lesson. This is a course I’d like to review again next Lent!

  9. Lady Carmel Cole (verified owner)

    First of all, a big thank you to Connie and your team for everything that you do. I praised God from beginning to the end of this course! What a blessing! The videos are indeed short but I followed the her advice to pause the video and write notes in the paper, as there are so much beautiful things to understand and remember. I left the course with confidence to start my spiritual direction soon, more insights from the Saints such as John of the Cross, Therese of Liseux, and Paul’s scripture writings on the importance of true Christian detachment to our union with God. I’ll recommend this to my friends!

  10. Kristal Levangie (verified owner)

    I fully enjoyed this course. As a beginner, it helped me properly understand true Christian detachment. The lessons were taught in a clear, concise manner, with practical examples, and questions to reflect upon. This helped me identify and implement detachment in practical ways in my day to day life, one step at a time. I also found it highly beneficial to actively participate in the questions during the course and grateful for the resources to further my knowledge. Thank you Connie you are an excellent teacher.

  11. Maureen

    Nothing shall I want : peace through detachment was a course well worth taking. It is amazing sometimes how much you don’t know that you don’t know. This course opened my eyes to things that I had not even pondered yet. I keep reviewing the videos and finding I am enlightened each time. There is much to be gained by this course. Thank you Connie, may God bless you.

  12. Olsi

    It is worth taking it. Very helpful how to live in union with God. She teaches practical ways. Thank God it is not expensive. Thank you and may God bless you!

  13. Christine Arata (verified owner)

    Thank you, Connie for this course. The video lessons were concise and you made the topics easy to understand. I’m a work in progress but you have laid out well the guidelines of detachment that I should work towards. You have demystified detachment for me. Now it’s up to me to take the actions toward it. I hope I can also take another one of your courses.

  14. Gloria Lopez (verified owner)

    This course helped me get back to where I was spiritually. I desired spiritual growth and God led me to this wonderful course! I really like the angle in which this course is taken, simple and very to the point just as St. John of the Cross teaches. It is a growing experience especially since we are able to actively particpate! I would recommend this to anyone wanting Union with God!

  15. Mary Frances Gerber

    This was my first course with Connie. From the beginning, I felt she knew what my needs were in relation to the Saint’s writings. She charted a path to learn about moving things aside in order to focus on God and seeing all things in perspective: through and for God’s glory. I was able to identify areas of disordered attachment and apply the structure I needed to begin to detach from those. Connie’s teaching style is clear and to the point. I like the brief videos and supplementary material – always just enough, never too much. Great course to take to begin the process of detachment!

  16. Carlo Marcello Alberici (verified owner)

    Let me begin by thanking God for the gift of Connie and her courses expressed through her spiritual journey. I don’t consider myself arrived at the doors of paradise yet, but I’m trying to improve myself to achieve this reward at the end of my life. Attending Connie’s courses helped me straighten up my spiritual life and begin working on those things that I’m attached too. Her course helped remind me of my priorities in life, first God, then family, then work and everything else. Thank you Lord for these spiritual courses. May God bless you all!

  17. Beth Crawford (verified owner)

    This is a deep dive into examining those “things, thoughts, desires” that hinder your spiritual growth. It is challenging and thought provoking. Anyone who is serious about growing in love for God, to truly knowing Him and having relationship with Him should take this course.

  18. Diana von Glahn (verified owner)

    This class is essential for those who seek to become saints. Connie is a fantastic teacher and she covers all the bases on this difficult topic. I highly encourage everyone to take this class.

  19. Andrea Serra (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I decided to take this course. It helped me understand what detachment is and is not, and it gave me some very practical tips for growing in detachment. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make progress in the spiritual life and grow in their love of God.

  20. Dianna (verified owner)

    Such a fantastic course!!! I can’t recommend it highly enough. I love St. Therese’s writings, but St. John of the Cross’s, even with some previous guided study, has always been difficult for me to understand. Connie’s course provided insights that really helped me at a difficult time to address the crucial issue of detachment and understand better what St. John was trying to convey. I have copious notes from the course — almost verbatim transcripts, really, because the video information was that good and worth saving. Furthermore, the online discussion with other participants and excellent input and clarifications from Connie was invaluable. Connie is a fantastic moderator and presenter! It was one of the best investments in my spiritual life that I have ever made!

  21. Jennie Buhs (verified owner)

    Thank you Connie for this much needed and beautiful course on detachment. I love the way it was laid out in short videos allowing me time to absorb the material. Connie’s approach is simple, clear, and thorough. I cannot wait until she offers another course! Easter Blessings to all!

  22. Pamela Kopechek (verified owner)

    After taking this course I experienced Psalm 131:2, “But I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me.” If you want to pray, but just can’t seem to make yourself, Connie makes the way to holiness accessible.

  23. Jean Rathke (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this course. I am very much looking forward to signing up for another corse with Connie in the Fall. That will be my 3rd course with Connie. Thank you Connie for all that you have done! Jean Rathke

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