Is your homeschool faith-based?

I’ve read at least a dozen books on homeschool philosophy and gleaned something from every one. But none exactly met my vision of what I wanted our homeschool to be. Some were literature-based (Charlotte Mason/Real Learning). Others were history-based (Neo-Classical/The Well-Trained Mind). Others were classics-based (The Latin-Centered Curriculum). The faith-based methods fell into two general …

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Chinese Checkers

Should school focus on work or leisure?

Some parents reject the term “homeschool,” preferring instead “education at home.” To them, “school” means an institution in a factory-like setting with dry textbooks and arbitrary schedules. Personally, I like the word “school.” First of all, it comes naturally. Most of us parents attended institutional schools. “Homeschool” doesn’t require a definition. Nor is it wordy. …

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