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Save our country. Be a saint.

Uncle-SamThis can be a frustrating and anxious time for Christians in America. The final version of the HHS mandate was issued on Friday. The Supreme Court overturned DOMA and refused to rule on California’s Proposition 8. Here in Minnesota, wedding vendors are starting to advertise to same-sex couples as the date for the legalization of same-sex “marriage” approaches.

Last year, I prayed and fasted and wrote letters to the editor supporting a marriage amendment. I voted for pro-family candidates. I have discussed these issues on others’ blogs and on Facebook. It seems to have made no difference. I sometimes feel helpless.

There is one thing we can all do to celebrate this Independence Day, one thing that will make an eternal difference for true freedom. We can give ourselves completely to God.

We have had it easy in the USA for a long time. That era is past. We can cave, we can cry in self-pity, or we can change the world.

America doesn’t need more politicians. America doesn’t need more letters to the editor. America doesn’t need more parades or blog posts or debates.

America needs saints.

Our opponents don’t believe us when we say our stance for true marriage is based on love. They reject reason. They reject natural law. They reject the consensus of history. They reject Divine Law. It’s impossible to argue with people like that. We have no common ground.

I am not saying that if you have been working to publicly change people’s hearts and minds, you should stop. But I am saying that it’s not enough. On its own, it won’t work. We need something more radical.

We need a revolution. But this time, we need a revolution of hearts. We need people who are willing to give their lives to save this country–or, if they can’t save America, at least save individual Americans.

America needs saints.

I don’t know what the long-term future will bring. It will surely be difficult. There will be persecution. There may be martyrs. Are you willing to be one, if that’s what it takes?

When our descendants look back at the 21st century, let us leave them something to envy. May they wish they could have been here. May they call this the Great Age of American Saints.

Connie Rossini

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