Last Supper by Valentin

Start your prayer with this image

Are you tired of your prayer being a shopping list read to God? Are you yearning for something more meaningful? Use this image of John the Apostle leaning on Christ’s heart to place yourself in God’s presence. Imagine yourself in John’s place. Feel Christ’s peace surround you. Set aside your cares and concerns and immerse …

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7 ways to make time for prayer

Are you having trouble finding time for prayer every day? Here are some suggestions. 1. Ask yourself whether daily prayer is your top priority (outside of the sacraments). If you don’t see the need for prayer, you won’t be faithful to it. Prayer doesn’t take us away from our duties; it gives us strength to …

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Silent night, silent God

Silence can be beautiful at Christmas. Picture the quiet of a night with new-fallen snow, or the hush in which only the breathing of an infant can be heard. But silence, when unwanted, can also be painful. Silence can mean emptiness, loneliness, abandonment. One of the hardest things to bear is the silence of God. …

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