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  1. I’m so happy to have “stumbled” on your website, Connie! Can’t wait ’til morning when I can read my free chapter of your book and delve more thoroughly into this wonderful gift of Contemplative Homeschool.com. God bless you and your beautiful work dear one

  2. Hi-years ago I was in church with my mom and after mass was over there was a brochure entitled: “What’s Your Spiritual Style?” It went in to describe Jesuit, Benedictine, etc. and of course, Carmelite. My mom’s style was Carmelite (contemplative; quite Christian/Catholic). After many years of “church shopping and hopping,” God led me back to the Catholic Church (after a retreat that I made at the Sacred Heart Retreat House in Alhambra, California). That 3 day silent retreat + a day of recollection before Ash Wednesday (or, on it, I can’t recall), that being a Carmelite Catholic Christian was me; was my style of communicating with the Lord and His Holy Family/Blessed Trinity. I realize the Catholic bashing is still “open season” in our Country today. I try to remain quiet and poised now, rather than fighting back with a vigor, like I used to, to depend our faith. That’s how my mom lived and died….that’s how I want to as well.

    1. Gary, welcome back to the Church. Let me clarify something about Carmelite spirituality. While it’s true that contemplative prayer (which means an ever-more-intimate relationship with Jesus) is a focus of Carmelite spirituality, that doesn’t mean we are always silent in the face of sin. In fact, the prophet Elijah is seen as the first Carmelite. These words of his form the Carmelite motto: “With zeal have I been zealous for the Lord God of Hosts.” Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal and stood firm against Ahaz and Jezebel.

      I think sometimes we do need to speak up, but we can do that in a non-confrontational way if that fits our temperament. For example, you could vote for people who will protect religious freedom, write to your representatives, teach your children the truth, etc. God does not call everyone to stand on the street corner, but He does call everyone to advance the Gospel.

      Besides temperamental differences, there will also be differences as you advance in your spiritual life. For example, in St. Teresa’s second mansions, people tend to be scandalized by others’ sin. As they grow closer to God, they are ever more careful about avoiding even the smallest sin themselves, but they are less surprised or disturbed by others’ sins. Sometimes the best way to advance the Gospel is to work on our own intimacy with Christ. In other words, we need lots of discernment on these matters. It’s a delicate balance for Carmelites between contemplative and prophet. God bless!

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