How to Grow

How to Grow in Prayer Overview

You can download all the course note-taking helps on the Materials tab and use them for this and future videos. Books that will be referenced in the course The following books will be referenced in various lessons throughout the course. Where possible, we have linked to a free version available online. Links to books under …

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Final Live Q & A

As I have noted in the last couple of emails, the small size of this class, together with my poor health, made me decide not to schedule a live Q & A. I have only received two questions from students. I will write up answers this weeked and send them to all students. If you …

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Live Q & A 2

As I said in the last email, we are not meeting live for the second schedlued Q & A. I have not received any questions from students. You can submit questions here. If I get some questions, and my health continues to improve, we may meet for a short live session at the end of …

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Live Q & A 1

As I said in my recent email, I am unable to hold a live Q & A at this time, due to my poor health. Please continue to submit your questions, and I will write up a document with the answers. If you would like to speak to me privately by phone insead, let me …

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The Stages of Prayer

How does personal prayer continue to deepen after one has made a firm commitment to meditation? This lesson discusses simplified forms of meditation as well as infused contemplation. Discussion Questions Answer these questions in our private Forum: Have you practiced affective prayer or the prayer of simple gaze? How have you misunderstood infused contemplation in the …

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