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Get the Most Out of this Course

Thanks again for joining us. We hope you are as excited about this course as we are! Please watch the above video before continuing with this post. The video was made for our course How to Grow in Prayer, but the information on how to take the course is the same for all of our courses.

Videos are Released One by One

Each lesson has a release date. We have chosen to release 2 videos a week, on Mondays and Thursdays at 7 AM Central Time. That gives you time to mull over what you have learned and, when applicable, put it into practice before being barraged with more information. It also spreads the course over several weeks. Please do NOT share the videos with anyone outside your household — except for the free overview video.

Recap of tips from the video:

  • Pray before each lesson.
  • Set aside distractions.
  • Take notes.
  • Participate in the Forum.
  • When possible, do the extra reading.
  • Submit questions for the Live Q & A’s. Use subject line “Live Q & A.”
  • Attend the Live Q & A’s or watch the replay videos.

How to Access the Paid Portions

Please follow all these steps carefully.

I. Log in to the Course

  1. Log in on the homepage or most other pages of the website by clicking on My Account. There you can access all your orders, reset your password, upload a profile photo, etc.
  2. Scroll down to see the courses you are enrolled in. Click on the appropriate Course to reach the Course Page.

II. Click on a Paid Lesson Link

  1. On the Course page, click on the link to a lesson in the “Heart of the Course” section. Please note the dates for the release of each lesson. You will not be able to access a lesson before that date.
  2. The lesson link will take you into the course dashboard. You can navigate backwards and forwards to any lesson that has already been released. A left sidebar shows upcoming lessons and release dates.

III. To Access the Forum

Within the Course, use the drop-down menu at the upper right of any Lesson page for a link to the Forum. The drop-down is under your login ID. We also link to the Forum with the Discussion Questions in each lesson. You must be logged in to access the Forum.

Technical Issues

If you have trouble accessing the course, follow these steps:

  1. Clear your browser cache. This move will solve most problems.
  2. Ignore the warning and click on a paid lesson anyway. Then wait patiently for several seconds to see if you get in.
  3. Click on a free lesson, then use the Next Lesson buttons to navigate through the course.
  4. Send Connie an email at connie.rossini at contemplativehomeschool dot com. Please do not send an email until you have tried all 3 of the above solutions.

There are no materials for this lesson.