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A video course with Connie Rossini

Nothing Shall I Want: Peace Through Detachment

About the Course

Do you long to be free from sin and bad habits? Are you confused about the meaning of Christian detachment? Have you started on the road, but don't know what to do next? Join Connie Rossini in exploring the teaching of St. John of the Cross in the video course Nothing Shall I Want: Peace Through Detachment.

Connie will release two video lessons a week for six weeks. Each lesson starts with a short video and includes links to further reading, downloads to help you process what you are learning, and questions to discuss with other students in a private forum. Three quizzes test your knowledge.

Expect two hours of total video content. That's like a full-day retreat, but broken down into small chunks that you can watch on your schedule. Find support from other students who are seeking deeper detachment. Learn how to apply each lesson as you go.

This course is not just about information. It's an opportunity for real spiritual growth. You will go away knowing that John of the Cross's teaching is both understandable and doable.

You will have 90-day's access to the course from the day class begins.


5.0 stars, based on 23 reviews.

"This class is essential for those who seek to become saints. Connie is a fantastic teacher and she covers all the bases on this difficult topic. I highly encourage everyone to take this class."
Diana von Glahn
The Faithful Traveler
"Nothing shall I want: Peace through Detachment was amazing!! It has helped me go deeper into my spiritual life to detach from the things of the world and go deeper into God’s Presence. Connie is an amazing teacher explaining everything with simplicity. Thank you so much Connie! You are a blessing to all of us."
Alexandra Kubebatu
Host, The Catholic Servant Podcast
"Attending Connie’s courses helped me straighten up my spiritual life and begin working on those things that I’m attached to. Her course helped remind me of my priorities in life, first God, then family, then work and everything else. Thank you Lord for these spiritual courses. May God bless you all!"
Carlo Marcello Alberici
"How blessed was I to be already in this course when the bottom dropped out with the pandemic. This course is so well taught by Connie — I see now that the proper understanding of detachment is vital to growing in grace and the knowledge of Christ. The intro to St. John of the Cross is sublime!! Lent of 2020 was the most memorable of my life, and this course was a great aid to me and will continue to be. Thank you so much, Connie!"
Sherry Minter

Your Teacher

Connie Rossini has written or co-written six books on Catholic spirituality. She manages the Facebook group Authentic Contemplative Prayer, where over 15,000 members discuss the teachings of the Doctors of the Church on contemplation. She writes a regular spirituality column in The Catholic Voice of the Diocese of Omaha and is a columnist at Connie has appeared on EWTN and countless radio shows and podcasts. At her blog Contemplative Homeschool, she gives whole families practical help to grow in holiness. Known for her orthodoxy and clarity, she has been teaching both adults and children for over thirty years.
Connie Rossini
Best-selling Catholic Author

You Will Learn:

  • How Christian detachment differs from Buddhism.
  • Why detachment is necessary to see God.
  • The foundation of John of the Cross’s teaching that most people miss.
  • How to practice detachment as a layperson.
  • How to discern your own attachments.
  • Why you can’t be a saint in a day.
  • How to practice the custody of the senses.
  • What it means to be detached from people.
  • How detachment relates to humility.
  • And much more!

How Much Does it Cost?

A place in the course Nothing Shall I Want: Peace Through Detachment is just $45. Registration closes on Sunday, May 15, at Midnight Central Time. The class will begin the following Monday, May 16.

What if I Can’t Afford the Fee?

No worries! We want everyone who desires to learn about detachment to have access to the course.

You can request a scholarship to have the fee waived. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and depend on the generosity of donors. Just fill out the Request Form. You will be asked to provide the reason for your request. An email will let you know if and when you are granted a scholarship. You will remain anonymous to sponsors. Only the instructor (Connie Rossini) will see your request so she can match you with a donor. 

Please do not request a scholarship if you can afford to pay. We are trusting that people taking a course on detachment won’t abuse others’ generosity. Scholarships are limited. Please leave them for those who genuinely cannot afford the course.

Feeling Generous?

Sponsor another student or as many students as you like. We will apply the fee to the next person in line who has requested a scholarship. Your gift will remain anonymous. Help ensure that no one is turned away because of financial difficulties.

Ready to learn how to cast off your sins and attachments? 

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12 video lessons, 7-10 minutes each
Downloads for taking notes
Links to books and articles
Access to private discussion forum

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Still have questions? Send an email to Connie Rossini.