Courses on the Spiritual Life

Helping you respond to the universal call to holiness


Nothing Shall I Want: Peace Through Detachment

Do you long to be free from sin and bad habits? Join Connie Rossini in exploring the teaching of St. John of the Cross in this video course on detachment. Next class in first quarter of 2022.


How to Grow in Prayer

Did you know that God calls you to intimate union with Himself? Learn how a commitment to daily prayer is at the heart of this call. Dan and Connie Rossini lead you through an overview of stages of prayer, forms of prayer, and expressions of prayer. Next class in spring 2022.


Christian Meditation

Coming in October 2021! Learn how to pray Lectio Divina, Ignatian Meditation and Contemplation, and Carmelite methods of mental prayer. We'll discuss the aids to prayer growth, and how to deal with distractions, dryness, and desolation. Learn the importance of having a set time and place for prayer, and more!

What Our Students Have to Say

How blessed was I to be already in this course when the bottom dropped out with the pandemic. This course is so well taught by Connie — I see now that the proper understanding of detachment is vital to growing in grace and the knowledge of Christ. The intro to St. John of the Cross is sublime!!
Sherry Minter
From Oklahoma, USA
This class is essential for those who seek to become saints. Connie is a fantastic teacher and she covers all the bases on this difficult topic. I highly encourage everyone to take this class.
Diana Von Glahn
The Faithful Traveler, USA
Attending Connie’s courses helped me straighten up my spiritual life and begin working on those things that I’m attached too. Her course helped remind me of my priorities in life, first God, then family, then work and everything else. Thank you Lord for these spiritual courses.
Carlo Alberici
From Italy
Even though I was an apologetics junkie and attending mass regularly, my interior life was in shambles. I was feeling a bit aimless and my prayers were sporadic, even though I was zealous. This course opened up the heart of what the Church teaches on prayer– so much more than vocal prayers! I was missing a huge part of the picture. Take this course, even just to get to pick Connie’s brain in the Q&A sessions.
Pam Kopechek
From Kentucky, USA