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Vespers by Franz Skarbina (Wikimedia Commons). How about a spiritual retreat in your home?

I’m back to blogging after a short family vacation, then a project for another author. Here’s an idea I thought of some time ago, that I’d like to explore more fully: holding a virtual retreat.

Since I still have young children, I can’t travel much yet to give retreats to parish groups and associations. But I’d love to “meet” some of you in a more personal way than just through my blog. And I’d love to share the Church’s spiritual wisdom with you in a deeper way.

Before we can nail down any details, I need to hear from as many of you as possible. Could you please comment on any of the following?

  1. Would you be interested in attending?
  2. How much would you be willing to pay? (Don’t worry, I won’t hold you to your figure. I’m just seeing if it’s economically feasible.)
  3. What theme would interest you most? Here are some ideas: Introduction to Mental Prayer, Contemplation, Contemplative Living, Learning to Trust God, Holiness in the Carmelite Tradition. Once we have a theme, I’ll try to come up with an exciting and appealing title.
  4. I’m thinking 3 or 4 talks on a Saturday, with a chat room available for fellowship and scheduled time for reflection, mental prayer, Adoration, and Confession (at your own parish). Thoughts? Other ideas?
  5. Have you ever run or participated in a virtual retreat before? Can you give me some idea what works and what doesn’t?
  6. Do you have any suggestions for software we could use?
  7. If you can’t attend the live retreat for some reason, would you be interested in accessing the taped conferences for a fee?
  8.  Anything else you can think of?

I love giving talks and retreats, and I know that good retreats are hard to come by. So I’m really hoping we can work something out here. The amount of interest you show by responding to my questions will help determine whether we proceed.

Thanks for your input!

Connie Rossini

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Hi, I'm a Catholic writer and homeschool mother of four boys. I practice Carmelite spirituality. Check out my Books page for publications to help your whole family grow in holiness.

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10 Responses

  1. dora Zavala

    I receive all your material by email. I am very please with all your writings. I have never attended a retreat of this sort but willing to try it. I am home not able to go to often. I am interested in contemplative meditation. I will pay what is reasonable. Love to hear from you

    • Connie Rossini

      Dora, thanks for responding. I have also received several responses by email. I have spoken at online conferences and retreats run by others in the past, but running one myself would be something new. I think we can do it, if we pray, be flexible, and have patience.

  2. Sheila LaFleur

    Connie I think it’s a wonderful idea and would love to participate. The Carmelite spirituality is I believe at the heart of the Church and would greatly enrich our journey. As far as cost the retreats I have attended always have a given cost but those participating gave what they could. I’ll leave that to you. Looking forward to hearing from you. With God all things are possible. 🙂


    • Connie Rossini

      Thanks for your input, Sheila! I will definitely find a way for people who cannot afford the retreat to be able to go, but it will not be too expensive in any case. Yes, if God wants this to happen, it will.

  3. Elizabeth

    I love everything I have ever read from you, Connie. I can tell you have such wisdom to share. I would be interested in growing in prayer (what it looks like, how to encourage growth, how that has worked for you). What a wonderful way to serve those of us who are too busy in the trenches to grow in holiness!

  4. Andrea

    I think I would need to do a retreat in person. I’m older and don’t enjoy the computer. I feel I need help and a retreat my be what I need – but in person. Thank you, I love to read what you write.

    God Bless,

    • Connie Rossini

      Thanks for your input, Andrea. In a few years I will probably be able to do more traveling for retreats, but now I need to stay close to home and homeschool. I’m glad you can glean something from my writing.

  5. Claire

    I can’t set aside a whole day right now, but if the talks were recorded I’d listen as I’m able.

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