Free temperament test and pre-sales for choleric child book

Quiz-CoverI am happy to announce that I have published a 44-question quiz to determine your children’s primary temperaments. You can also use it for yourself. You can download it free through Smashwords for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, or as a PDF. I also uploaded it to Amazon, but Amazon only allows free distribution during special offers or as a price match. I have notified Amazon that the quiz is free elsewhere. I hope they drop the price to free soon. That is beyond my control. (It currently sells there for $.99.)

Please download your free copy of Determining Your Child’s Temperament: a brief quiz for Catholic parents.

If you find it helpful, please post a review on Smashwords or Amazon so that others can benefit. Share the links with your friends, family, and homeschool co-op. Let me know if I can improve it in anyway. Thank you.

Ready to help your choleric child grow spiritually?

My second big announcement is that the ebook version of A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Choleric Child can now be pre-ordered on Amazon. The release date is set for May 15, but you can order now so that you don’t forget. It’s only $3.99. Amazon’s information on the book says it’s about 40 pages. I’m not sure where they got that number. The final version (still being refined) will be 80-90 pages.

I have a special gift for everyone who pre-orders. Send me an email to crossini4774 at comcast dot net. Include your Amazon order number for the book. I’ll send you a PDF with extra parenting tips for the choleric child, which is over 5,000 words long. I may include these tips in my final combined 4-volume book, but I will not offer it elsewhere for free.

Do you prefer the paperback version? I cannot take pre-orders for my paperback. However, if you purchase between May 15 and May 22 (the first week available in print), you can also get the free PDF by sending me your purchase order number.

Choleric-Child-New-Cover-for-presaleA Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Choleric Child details how to teach your child mental prayer, whether he is six or sixteen. It contains book lists, templates, lesson plans, and tips on:

  • communicating so your choleric will listen
  • limiting your child’s use of digital media
  • modeling virtuous behavior
  • learning to think before speaking
  • and managing strong emotions

I created a special version of the Ignatian Examen Prayer for choleric children. I included numerous Bible verses for the choleric to memorize and live by. I also included a short section on teaching your choleric child academic subjects for those of you who are homeschoolers.

I use this material myself to work with my choleric son, who is soon to be my first teenager! Our temperament studies have blessed our entire family, as we have learned to understand and appreciate one another’s God-given strengths. I hope you or someone you love will also be blessed by it.

Here are the links again: Determining Your Child’s Temperament

A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Choleric Child.

As always, the Amazon links are affiliate links. I receive a wee bit more of the cost of the book when you buy it through one of my links.

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  1. Sister Lalemant Pelikan, RSM

    Connie, I am continually amazed at your creativity as well as the depth of your spirituality as shown in your blogs and writings. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us. Although I do not have any children of my own (duh!) I find all you’ve written/shared with us about children to be most helpful for Teachers as well as parents, and I work with a number of Catechists for our Diocese, so get to share your insights!

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