Happy feast of St. Francis de Sales

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Thy Will Be Done!


Today is the feast of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers and editors (and of one of my sons too). He is also dear to Contemplative Homeschool for his unmatched teaching on  practical spirituality for lay people.

If you’ve already read Introduction to the Devout Life (reviewed briefly here), try reading Thy Will Be Done:Letters to People in the World, published by Sophia Institute Press. It’s another 5-star book of his.

New posting schedule

On another note, I am modifying my posting schedule so i can meet the deadlines for my book while remaining sane. Until further notice, I will post new content on Tuesday’s, as i have been doing, then highlight older content on Fridays as I am doing today.

If you are new to Contemplative Homeschool, this with give you a chance to read some of my best posts from the past fifteen months without having to page through archives.

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