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Two weeks ago, I moved from a site to a self-hosted blog. I now have a professionally designed site, more options for customizing and tracking interaction with readers, and the possibility of selling my books and running others’ ads on my site. Last week I became an affiliate for Mystic Monk Coffee, which I could not do on WordPress. You can now buy coffee from my brother’s order (yes, Fr. Michael Mary, M. Carm. is my younger brother) by clicking on the add on my sidebar. This supports the daily life of the monks and my writing efforts as well. That’s just one example of what I can do now that my site is now longer hosted by WordPress.

Unfortunately for my readers who use their WordPress reader to view my site, you can no longer click through to my web pages from WordPress. You will get a 404 error. So I am keeping this short, just for you! Please update your links to, then choose another way to follow me.  I am on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow me through email, or other readers such as Bloglovin. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I do not want to lose you as a reader!

If you have any questions, you may email me at crossini4774 at comcast dot net.

Thanks and God bless!

Connie Rossini

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Hi, I'm a Catholic writer and homeschool mother of four boys. I practice Carmelite spirituality. Check out my Books page for publications to help your whole family grow in holiness.

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  1. genericmum

    Hi Connie, I sent you a facebook friend request, because that’s where I’m tending to keep up with blogposts at the moment. See you around the newsfeed!

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