3 ways to increase your trust in God

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trusting in god


Do you ever feel stuck in your spiritual life? Are you frustrated with yourself for breaking your resolutions, continuing to struggle with sin while professing to love God? Do you dislike going to Confession? Are you sometimes a bit of a control freak? All these can be signs that you need to trust God more.

Who is in charge of your spiritual life? If you answered, “I am,” think again. Only God can draw you closer to Him through grace. Only God can give you supernatural contemplation, which is necessary to reach the higher stages of the spiritual life. Only God can reach deep down to root out those sins you don’t even know you are committing.

Here are three points to ponder as you work on increasing your trust in Him. Ask yourself if you…

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5 Responses

  1. americanforchange

    I try and find something positive to start my day. I was living a life of addiction for years and quit on my own and brought God into my life. I can honestly say that I unfortunately do not Go to Church like I should. But I try to live by his word.

    • Connie Rossini

      Praise God for the grace to overcome your addiction! I don’t know if you are Catholic or not. For us, going to Sunday Mass is essential. God does not want us to be lone Christians. We need the support of our brothers and sister in Christ. More importantly for Catholics, Jesus meets us in a special way at Mass that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. It’s the highest act of worship, a participation in Christ’s death and resurrection. I hope you are able to commit to coming to Church regularly. We’d love to see you there!

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