Free review copy of my forthcoming e-book

Madonna des Kanonikus by Jan Van Eyck (detail; Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons). You can read my e-book in one sitting, but meditate on it for a lifetime.

I’ve been working on a new project I want your help with. I’ve written a short e-book that I think you’ll love. It’s on a topic dear to my heart. I’m keeping the specifics secret for a little while longer, but I’ll tell you this much: it’s on the spiritual life, and I believe it will change your life.

I want as many people as possible to read my e-book–not for my glory, but for God’s. I want to help people become saints, and the first step towards union with God is knowing how to get there.

That’s why I’m asking for your help. I only have so many readers. But many of you have your own blogs with as many or more followers than mine. So I have decided to give advance copies of my e-book to other bloggers who promise to help me spread the word.

If you have at least 100 followers on various social media, and have time in the next 3 weeks to read a short e-book and help me publicize it, please send me an email. I’m at crossini4774 at comcast dot net.

After you’ve read the e-book, please write a brief review on your blog. Or you could include a few lines in a 7 Quick Takes post, tweet about your reactions, or start a conversation on Facebook.

I plan to release the e-book for free download on Tuesday, June 11.

Can you help me?

Connie Rossini

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  1. 8kidsandabusiness

    Good for you. Since you have my email, go ahead and send it to me, Connie. I’m looking forward to reading/reviewing/writing/getting the word out.

  2. melanie jean juneau

    exciting news. I also would be happy to read/review/ promote your book. Supposedly I have 1,300 followers in total on my two blog sites; I will have to resist becoming spam to them

  3. Mary N

    Congratulations on your new e-book Connie! I’d love to read and review your new book and spread the word.

  4. Regina Fitzgerald

    Connie –

    I saw there was an advertisement below your latest blog post. And I saw that the ad was in the form of a YouTube video. So I clicked on it and watched. It was titled, “Cruzan Rum:Welcome to the Don’t Hurry.” It was hysterical! I loved it!

    You probably don’t have control of which ads appear, but Ican say I liked that one.

    – – Gina ===============================================

    • Connie Rossini

      Gina, it’s good to hear from you. Now I know you’re still reading. I didn’t see the ad–glad you enjoyed it. I always worry with Youtube what other videos are going to be suggested after the one I post has been watched. I have no control over that either, and as you know there’s lot of junk out there.

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