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Everyone has an idiolect–a collection of personal speech habits that is different from anyone else’s. Have you ever thought about your spiritual idiolect? Since your soul is unique, you have a personal way of speaking to God that no one else completely shares. Today I am announcing the creation of a new blog that will help you find and fine-tune your spiritual idiolect.

Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network is a community of Catholic bloggers who have come together to promote growth in Christ. Each of us has his or her own blog on authentic Catholic spirituality. Some of us are Carmelites. Others are Benedictines. Some practice Ignatian spirituality. Others’ blog posts are more eclectic. We hope that by sharing our spiritual idiolects, you will find yours.

You have a secret name known only to God

Jesus told the Apostle John, “To him who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone which no one knows except him who receives it” (Revelation 2:17). Your relationship with Jesus is different from anyone else’s in the history of the world. Your temperament, upbringing, talents, and life experiences make you a unique individual.  When you were reborn in baptism, God granted you this “secret name”–your personal identity in Christ. No one else can relate to Him in just the same way you do. You can give God a gift that no one else ever can–yourself!

God has a specific plan for your spiritual life. He will always lead you in accordance with the teachings of the Church. But the Church gives us wide berth in spiritual matters. There have been saints from nearly every walk of life. Reading their teachings and life stories, you may find a kindred spirit. Encountering the spirituality of a religious order, your heart may answer, “Yes!” Or you might weave together Catholic wisdom from many sources to create a new pattern.

The members of Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network are committed to helping you develop your spiritual idiolect–your secret language for heart-to-heart talks with God.

Connie Rossini

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Share with us: What is your spiritual idiolect and how did you discover or develop it?

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5 thoughts on “Find your spiritual idiolect at Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network”

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  2. Hi Connie, I’m always a little intimidated by the towering intellects I find on these Catholic sites! But, I shared this to Facebook and will post it on my own Catholic blog. This blog was originally going to be one of those breezy, crafty-type blogs, but was ‘hijacked’ by the Holy Spirit, now, I just post about practical Catholic matters – mainly pro-life, I suppose. It’s not earth-shattering by any means, but it’s my own squeaky little voice.
    I also contribute to a pro-life website, the Human Life Protection Society – the main philosophy behind the HLPS is to ‘change the hearts and minds of people’ through prayer and example, and inspired by Cardinal Newman and Passionist philosophy. We are in the process of adding more content and changing from a static format to more of a blog-format.
    My other, new blog is semi-autobiographical – (I am a Catholic Mother, home-educating, with ten children) – but I have set it in Victorian England. This is quite experimental, but I am enjoying the process – the themes of Catholic/Protestant will be coming up, and also the attempt to replace God by technology.
    I hadn’t thought about ‘idiolect’ before; it’s quite interesting. I like what you’re doing, and really quite overwhelmed by all that the Holy Spirit is doing in the blogosphere.
    Hmmm; I’m not sure I answered your question….but, the family awaits…Bye for now!

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