Fine-tune your spiritual focus for Lent

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I want to trust in God like a little child trusts his parents--just as St. Therese did.
J sits on my lap to read. This Lent, I want to trust in God like a little child trusts his parents–just as St. Therese did.

Did you choose a specific virtue to cultivate for a New Years’ resolution? Try making a concrete step in that direction a focus for Lent, which starts tomorrow.

In January, I wrote how I was working on trust this year. I’ve been practicing trusting God when I sin, following the example of St. Therese. It’s becoming routine. I can’t tell you how much freer I feel. When I have a bad day of yelling at my kids or otherwise being selfish, I no longer beat myself (figuratively speaking) over it.  I trust God to take care of it, and even to bless me (not because of my sin, but because of my trust).  My faith is stronger as well.

Now it’s time to work on another aspect of trust. During Lent I will try to accept everything that happens as being part of God’s plan for my life.



The phone ringing during homeschool.

J needing attention when I’m in the middle of disciplining his brothers.

The computer malfunctioning while I’m blogging.

The boys picking up a virus… again.

M complaining about dinner.

D talking back.

C refusing to do his chores.

Dan using the computer when I have plans to work on it.

Falling asleep during prayer.

And everything else that God allows in my life.

I will whisper, “Jesus, I trust in you,” when circumstances are against me. Maybe by the end of Lent I’ll remember to do so most of the time. I hope a new habit will be forming.

What about you? How will you fine-tune your spiritual life this Lent? Share with us.

Connie Rossini

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  1. Michelle M.

    I’m glad that you left a comment for a copy of my prayer book because your blog looks wonderful!

    I try to cultivate a spirit of peace and of giving during Lent, especially for my children. We make a point to give to those who are in need- our children go through their toys and pick out some, of good quality, that they can give away. We also give food to a local food pantry together.

    Blessed Lent to you!

    • Connie Rossini

      I’m glad you stopped by, Michelle. I’ll have to explore your blog a bit more too. I love the prayer book idea! We just read about the Lord’s Prayer in The Golden Children’s Bible yesterday, so I want to do more prayer-related activities (not that we don’t do some already!).

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