Resolve to grow closer to Christ in 2013

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How did your spiritual life fare in 2012? Would you like to do better in 2013? Let’s each choose one virtue to work on throughout this year.

Keeping in mind my post on St. Therese a few weeks ago, I’m focusing on trust. For the next several weeks, I pledge to put my trust in God’s mercy, not my own goodness. I will try to go to Confession more often, and do a nightly examination of conscience.

For Lent, I will take it one step further. I want to trust God to bring good not only out of my sins, but out of every circumstance of my life as well. Although I am not in total control of my life, God is. I need to accept that nothing that happens can separate me from Him (see Romans 8:28). God remains good in the midst of my sin, others’ sins, accidents, mistakes, changes of plan, and disappointments. I want to accept joyfully everything He allows into my life.

I expect it will take a lot of practice to become more open to God’s will in this way. If I fail, I trust Him to forgive me and give me an increase of grace to do better next time.

By Advent, I would like to begin working on another area of trust. I’m not sure what that will be yet. Stay tuned (or connected).

What about you? Can you share with us your spiritual resolution for the coming year? How will you refocus for Lent and beyond? Let’s support and encourage one another. At the end of 2013 we can share our progress (and there will be progress, I trust!).

Blessed New Year!

Connie Rossini

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  1. 8kidsandabusiness

    I’m using St. Augustine’s homily, “A Short Road To Perfection” as my spiritual guide for 2013. I wrote about it on my blog just before New Year’s Day. Blessings on your spiritual journey for 2013.

  2. pramer

    I am really glad to see your article, ‘growing closer to Christ in 2013’, well what would be greater resolution that that!!. I can only admire and congratulate you on this, and be ever grateful how the Lord pervades the lives of so many people and attracts to Himself people of all generations. Also, learning that you are an ardent Catholic mom and growing up kids, it prompts me to ask myself, who did truly exalt the ‘dignity of woman’ if not Christ. And His Mother [ his disciple of course] and our Mother Mary certainly is the surest model for such exalted dignity. Contemplating her personality these days of Nativity, ‘Mother of God’ and New Year, wow, lots of insights come to our minds and sure they are inspiration to mould our lives.

    Thank you very much, keep writing and all the best.

    I am Prasad, studying for priesthood.

  3. prasad

    Thank you very much and I shall look forward to reading that too!! If it interests you, is there a way to attach here on your blog some documents [ppts.] which I make regularly here, on ‘Year of Faith’?

    All the best,

    • Connie Rossini

      Prasad, I do not allow anyone but myself to post to my blog at this time. If you have a website of your own, you’re welcome to link to it in your comments.

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