At Mass on Sunday we sang the spiritual “Were you There?” It got me thinking. How we long to have been with Jesus during His passion, death, and resurrection. […]

  My most recent post at was about the one path to holiness. everyone, I wrote, is called to deepen their relationship with God through prayer. Everyone becomes holy […]

  Reading Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila, we might find ourselves surprised. The Church has proclaimed Teresa a Doctor of Prayer, but the first part of her master […]

  I’m trying to rest my arm a bit so my shoulder is back in working order. Please pray that I can resume my normal writing activities soon! In the […]

  I hope you are ready to begin studying St. Teresa of Avila’s second mansions. I’m excited about this. My guess, based on experience, is that most of my readers […]

Okay, you’ve all poured over the chart of the seven mansions from Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle that I posted last week and now you’re ready to study each in […]