This past Monday, Dan Burke and I appeared live on At Home with Jim and Joy on EWTN. We discussed our book The Contemplative Rosary, what contemplation is, and how you can […]

  In my Facebook Group Authentic Contemplative Prayer some discussions recycle every few weeks. One is whether we need a spiritual director. Another is whether contemplation is necessary for holiness. […]

  Can we legitimately mix Buddhist or Hindu practices with our Catholicism? Many people claim we can. Buddhist themselves believe anyone can practice meditation. Some Catholics take the same viewpoint. […]

What is the relationship between knowledge and contemplation? How much should we concern ourselves with news events? How can we trust God when bad things happen? I have been meditating […]

  Several months ago I wrote some controversial posts regarding mindfulness. Many of you have been waiting to hear my opinion of Dr. Gregory Bottaro’s course Catholic Mindfulness, which he […]

A couple of years ago I mentioned that I was co-writing a book with Dan Burke of the National Catholic Register, the Avila Institute, and SpiritualDirection. com. It is finally […]