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I wrote a spirituality column for diocesan papers for about 10 years. I am also a columnist for SpiritualDirection.com. I have other blogs at iscenteringprayercatholic.wordpress.com and indiecatholicauthors.wordpress.com. I also manage the Google+ Community Indie Catholic Authors. And I am currently working many more books!

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Contemplative living for your whole family

Did you know that your whole family is called to holiness? Not only you, but your spouse and children can grow in intimacy with God daily. We parents are the first teachers of our children. Until our kids reach adulthood, we are always the ones primarily responsible for their religious education, even if they are in Catholic school or religious education. It is our duty to lead them to Jesus, to set them on the road to sanctity.

But we cannot teach our children to become saints unless we are striving for holiness ourselves. About 80% of my posts focus on holiness for adults. The other 20% show you how to teach your children to pray, practice virtue, and love God and their neighbor.

As a former member of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites (OCDS), I write from a Carmelite perspective.

Christian meditation is a springboard towards holiness

Christian meditation means reading a short passage from a good spiritual book, especially the Gospels, and pondering what it has to say for your relationship with God. You can also begin meditation with a religious picture. We meditate on Christ in order to love Him better. Then we speak to Him about that love and open ourselves to listen to and be changed by Him.

For more details on how to meditate on the Scriptures and how this differs from eastern forms of meditation, you can search for “prayer” in the sidebar. I write more posts on prayer than any other subject. It is vital for your spiritual life that you speak to God from the heart daily.

A contemplative way of homeschooling

In our homeschool, I use my own unit studies based on The Golden Children’s Bible for daily instruction. I meditate on one of the Bible passages in my prayer time, then create a unit based upon that meditation, incorporating as many school subjects into it as I can. I want my kids to see Jesus everywhere–in nature, in literature, in math problems, and the events of history.

I will show you how to create units like this yourself, and share with you some I have created. I will also share simple and concrete meditations you can use with your children, no matter what type of formal education you have chosen for them.

 Meet my family

D, M, C, and J slide together at the park.

D, M, C, and J slide together at the park.

My husband Dan and I have four boys, who are known on my blog by their initials: D, age 14; M, 13 C, 11; and J, 6. Dan works for the diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota. We have homeschooled since D was 4.

I also homeschooled my youngest brother, who is 12 years my junior, through high school. (I have a B.A. in elementary education, if that matters to you.) Another brother may be familiar to you as Fr. Michael Mary, M. Carm, creator of Mystic Monk Coffee. We call him Uncle Monkle.

You can email me at crossini4774 at comcast dot net.

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