In Part I, we established the difference between being scrupulous or rigid and simply urging caution in areas in which the Church Herself urges caution. Today, we’re going into more […]

  In the last few weeks I’ve had several interesting discussions on Facebook regarding different aspects of the New Age Movement and how Catholics should respond to it. Confusion abounds, […]

Guest post by Jessica Fahy of At His Feet. Praying for our children is important.  And praying with our children is important too.  Yet, if they are not taught how to pray, […]

Centering Prayer practitioners are often very sincere people who are seeking a closer relationship with God. For some, a Centering Prayer group at church was their first introduction to the […]

  Guest Post by Dr. Peter Howard   Healthy families lead to solid vocations and a stronger and more fruitful sacramental life of the Church, which is its life-blood. If […]

Getting back to The Spiritual Canticle of St. John of the Cross, let’s look at what he says about growth in prayer. (Sorry this post is so much later in […]